Monday, April 14, 2008

Book Review

I have been struggling to get through "The Devil in the White City," by Erik Larson, for the past month! Although it is an interesting book, I can't read it before I go to bed because I have nightmares about the serial killer. (the same thing happens when I watch Law & Order or CSI) Also, the first 100 pages continuously mention that the buildings needed for the 1893 World's Fair might not get built in time. Newsflash, we all know that the fair occurred. It is kind of like on Project Runway when the designers complain that they won't finish in time and SURPRISE they finish. I am starting to get sick of the suspense the producers are trying to create. Hopefully, the next half of the book will get better.


anne said...

I've heard many people say that they've had a hard time getting through that book. Its good, but not riveting. How was your weekend with your Mom and Grandma?

anne said...

hey, is there two anne's commenting on your blog? Your cousin perhaps? I just noticed another comment by anne that is not me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm