Monday, April 7, 2008

Calling all bargain shoppers....Run to Century 21

RUN, do not walk.....
For all of you that are traveling to New York City, you MUST visit Century 21! I recommend you grab a bagel from a street vendor and then hop on the nearest subway! And go early! (they open at 7:45 each weekday) The deals are too good to be true and is crowded with tourists by 10am. Plan on spending an hour just to find the shoe department!

D&G belt...$44.00
Primp zip up (Britney Spears has the same one) ....$45.00
Burberry boxers...$20.00
Danskin low-rise mid-calf leggings....$12.00
Balo strappy heels...$45.00
Emilio Cavallini shirt...$45.00

I must go back! (I am encouraging my husband that we need to see a Yankees game this summer.)


O said...

I am not going to get myself involve in this foolishness. I need to save some money and the shoe department is the DEVIL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Come see us in NY! I don't know if I can join you at Century 21 on a weekend...hellish.