Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flor (Create a rug)

We are in desperate need of a new durable floor runner in our entry way, so I have been checking out the Flor carpet tiles. (I saw these at Target, cb2, and Chiasso) The reviews are good and people say they are easy to clean. (you can vacuum or rinse them in the sink) I am thinking of getting the textured squares called Morning Coffee in black, white, and red and trying to cut them into some sort of pattern. (or the stampede that looks like cow hide is cool!) You can play around on the Flor web page and create your own rug! (They even have a Martha Stewart brand) Is it weird that this is fun?? It is way better than building a bear.


Anne said...

I have "Housepet" in Frog and "Shirt Stripe" in French Cuff.

Shop Girl said...

Thanks for the info!!