Monday, May 5, 2008

What I learned at the Kentucky Derby:

1. bring cash ($40.00 to get into the infield)

2. The bigger the hat, the better ( I didn't wear one - maybe next year?!)

3. I don't like mint juleps (I could only take 6 sips)

4. Wager on the horse with the best odds ( I won $17.00 on the winning horse!)
"$5.00 win on #20"

5. The infield was full of drunk people (and I went to Michigan State where I am used to seeing this, but I was still surprise at what I saw)

6. Be careful of broken glass
7. Bring antibacterial hand wipes


anne said...

You went to the kentucky Derby????What are the Mint Juleps like? Are they thick and very sweet? or just plain gross?

Shop Girl said...

I don't like whiskey... so the first underlying taste was the whiskey, but then it was sweet and minty (kind of like a mojito, which I love)

anne said...

I've noticed that the Mojito in a can tastes better than the bottled kind. A homemade one tastes even better!

foxxychica said...

I wish you would have told me about the derby. You know I have plenty Sunday go meeting hats. I could have lent you one!