Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Book Review:

I love this book! I just finished reading it with my students. This time that I read the book, I picked up on the part when Scout puts herself in Boo's shoes and says, "Summer, and he watched his children's heart break." (p. 279) (I didn't remember this specific phrase from before) Reason #547 of why I love to read - I can read a book for the 8th time and find something new and amazing.

Having read Emily Giffen's other books, I bought this the day it came out. Although is was entertaining, the main character made me mad at times - so I stopped reading it for a week. I did end up finishing it and I do appreciate the way in which this author pulls me into the story. The author provides characters who are not perfect and predictable and this is what keeps me coming back to her books.

The author of this book (a rogue sociologist) follows a Chicago gang for 10 years and studies how the poor live. Having looked to buy a Condo in a mixed-income housing development in Chicago, I started to look into the CHA and the Plan for Transformation (incorporating market-rate homes in with section-8 housing). Sudhir Venkatesh had done extensive research into this new housing plan and I think I might read his book Off the Books. (check out this article)

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Anonymous said...

I must agree with you about Mockingbird. Still my favorite book! The funny thing is, even after seeing the movie, I picture it taking place in the neighborhood of one of my childhood friends. Weird. (Since I can't remember my password, I'm publishing anonymously) Anne