Monday, June 2, 2008

My favorite looks from Sex and the City: the movie

black and white
floral and pattern dresses
a large clutch (and small gloves)
gladiator heels
the dress that started it all...

Other favorite looks include:
a vintage black and gold studded belt (I can't find a picture)
a long strand of pearls

I saw the movie on Saturday and it was fabulous (and I only cried a few times)! I was surprised that most of the women at the movie were dresses up!?!? (dresses and heels) Most looked ridiculous (like forever 21 threw up on them) and a few even looked liked hookers. While I love the fashion from the movie, I truly believe that most of the outfits are not reasonable or affordable for everyday wearing. (Only Carrie Bradshaw can pull off some of these looks) My advise is to take some of the ideas that you like and incorporate them into your wardrobe. (like wearing a long pearl necklace with a basic black dress or pairing gladiator heels) What are your feelings on dressing up for the movie? (I felt like I couldn't even wear my Gucci belt bag because I would look stupid!)

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Kim M said...

Forever 21 threw up on them... too funny! ....... still laughing