Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time for summer sales!

After waking up and watching Regis and Kelly and The View, I decided to go shopping to get a few things for my trip to Colorado next week. My main goal was to make it to City Hall to buy my parking sticker... but I never made it. Instead, I got sucked into all of the sales going on at Anthropologie, Jcrew, Express, Crate and Barrel, Victoria's Secret, Old Navy, TJMaxx, Pottery Barn (which is closing on Michigan ave.) Gap, and Banana Republic. I spent 6 hours shopping! (Yikes! - well...I did walk all the way to State St. Macy's and back home and I stopped and ate lunch and went to Starbucks and had my wedding ring cleaned)

Here is a break down of GREAT deals:

JCrew: I got a sweater/jacket reg. price $148.00 (I almost bought if for full price 2 months ago) for $22.50! I found the sale in the store was better than online.

Banana Republic: great flat shoes are on sale for $19.99

Express: $9.99 for shirts (I picked up two V-neck T shirts for $14.99 each)

VS: panties starting at $3.99 and very cute pajamas are all on sale

Crate and Barrel: sea urchin vase for $3.95 (was $7.95)

Anthropologie: I found this sweater (not on sale) and also picked up a glass for my swap buddy.

Old Navy: basic tank tops 2 for $15.00 ( Jcrew are 2 for $30.00) I picked up 2 white, 2 brown, and 2 black. They also have cute denim capri pants for $20.00.

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briannelee said...

The sales at the J Crew store are always better than the ones online. I got a dress for $30 there that was onsale for $90 online! Make sure you always check the store first!!!!