Friday, October 17, 2008

Boot shapers

Last winter, I finally updated my tall black boots that I had for over 7 years. I took it a step further and purchased brown tall boots too. (I now have 2 black and 2 brown - 1 high heel and 1 short heel of each) I heard about this boot shaper in a magazine and set out to find them at the end of winter. (not a good idea because they were sold out at the container store) I went to BBB and and bought the last pair. Fast forward to now: I found 3 more at BBB and used a $10.00 of coupon ($9.99 per pair - so I got one for free) I hope to make my boots last for as long as possible!

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Jessica Lynn said...

It will be very apparent that I do not and have not owned a pair of leather boots. But how does keeping them shaped keep them nicer? I am assuming that they would get a crease or something if the top half was left to flop over, which would be unsightly and weaken the leather?

Congrats on your great deal!