Monday, November 3, 2008

Be on the show

On Thursday night, I was checking out and the show line up for the next week when "Be on the show" caught my eye. I have always wanted to be on her show and have been an avid viewer since I was in junior high. I decided to fill out a question to Brad Pitt because I thought it would be my best chance. (and since I am an English teacher I should be able to write a creative, open ended question, right?) I really wanted to ask Brad, "At what point did you stop loving Jennifer Aniston and start loving Angelina? Was it during your marriage to Jennifer?" but I knew that they would not select me. (doesn't everyone want to know that?) So I came up with the generic, "What process do you use when selecting movie roles? and how has this changed throughout your career? What roles do you see for yourself in the future?"

On Friday, I got a phone call and email from Jason at the Oprah show telling me they want to use my questions for the show. (if they have time for the segment)

Here is the email:
Hi Lindsay - Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today.I really appreciate it. If you could send me a current picture of yourselfto this email address today, that would be excellent. Also, in the link below is a "speedtest" for our skype camera program.Would you be able to go to the link and let me know what the numbers are(upload/download/ping)? Like I mentioned, I'm not sure if we will have thetime to do a questions segment in the show, but in case we are able to, I'dlike to just be prepared that your computer is working fast enough for theSkype camera. Thanks so much, Lindsay!
Talk to you soon,
(I erased his name and phone number)
The Oprah Winfrey Show

I have not heard any confirmation from the show, but I have already picked out what I am going to wear. (Henry will also be sitting on my lap)

My other claim to fame/TV debut:

I was front row at David Letterman after the girl that was doing the stand by ticket line saw my Jackie O Gucci purse. (or at least this is the reason I believe she gave us tickets - and it makes the purchase even more worth it)

I was once on hold to talk live on QVC about a Jackie Kennedy watch that I was buying for my Grandma, but they didn't have time to take my call.

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AMY said...

You are such a little celebrity! I hope you get to be on TV!