Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Handmade holidays

In my quest to buy handmade gifts for Christmas, I visited the DIY trunk show in Chicago on Saturday. I didn't even know about it until Friday night when I was reading orangebeautiful's blog and saw her new 2009 calendar that she was selling at the craft show. (I added magnets to the back and hung it on my frig - I plan on framing each month to use as decoration throughout the year on my book shelf)
In the end, I didn't buy very many gifts (trust me, my brother-in-law would not want a candle and I didn't see any handmade playstation 3 games )
But I did find:
Yellow Fade Vessel by Up in the air somewhere (I didn't buy this, but I fell in love with this artist and walked by her booth a few times)

(I bought Merry Cookie and the one above, which smells like lily of the valley not tobacco)

"LOVE" print from orangebeautiful
My goal of buying handmade gifts is harder than I imagined, but at least I have started... I did make my first etsy purchase this week! I ordered this print to help me get through the long Chicago winter. (and I did make my own handmade gifts)

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