Tuesday, December 9, 2008

DIY Ice Wreath

During wedding planning a year ago, my mom and I wanted to have white carnation wreaths (an idea from Martha) hanging on the church doors. Keep in mind my wedding was in Michigan on New Year's Eve... the florist informed us that the flowers would die and turn black from the cold :(
Our next idea was to make ice wreaths along with ice luminaries to have outside. We changed our mind and went with paper luminaries just in case it wasn't cold enough outside.

(picture 2 huge white wreaths on the wooden doors)

Remember Eddie from Top Design? I was trying to find a picture of a carnation wreath and found this pic on his blog. (more info here) (to DIY go here)

DIY yourself ice wreath - go here for directions

(maybe I will try it on our balcony with cranberries from Trader Joe's)

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