Thursday, December 18, 2008


I finished up my holiday shopping last night. (while I let the pizza dough rise - more on that later) My intent was to try and buy handmade as much as possible and/or from local stores. Here is a list of people/local places that I found great holiday gifts from:

Old Factory Candle Company
Hello handmade paperie
Old Town Oil
The Spice House
Old Town Nails (a gift certificate)
Pet Stuff (Henry got a new girlfriend named Santa's little helper - she is a chicken in a bikini and he is already in love and her name is actually Henrietta!)

(and I did get a few things from TJMaxx, Target, Walgreens, and Crate & Barrel)


cag said...

I love your idea of shopping local and handmade, perhaps because I'm the owner of Greer and I like to shop local and handmade, too, both personally and for the store! Thank you for your patronage and your posting.

Shop Girl said...

Greer is an adorable store with a unique and witty selection of paper products. I hope to stop by again soon.