Thursday, December 4, 2008


This is Henry preparing for the Paws walk with his new puppia harness in September. I had to train him for a week to get him to walk with the harness. There was a 20 minutes episode outside of Barnes and Noble on State St. in which he froze and would not walk. (A man even got off of his cell phone to watch the event unfold.) I eventually won by throwing a ball down the sidewalk all the way home. Daschunds can be very stubborn!
Henry as a hot dog - he hates to dress up.
(in the past he has been a bee and pumpkin)


Kim said...

I love his new harnes. it looks so comfortable, hard to believe he didn't like it at first.... oh wait, not with Henry. I miss him, haven't seen him in a while.

Anonymous said...

Hey Linds, It's Molly. I love that costume. Haha. It made me and my mom laugh for a long time.