Friday, January 16, 2009

Does this happen to you?

Every so often I encounter a picture in a magazine or catalog that makes my heart beat a little faster... because it looks and feels like something I would actually wear for the next 10 years. This happened to me when I was reading the January issue of In Style and saw this picture of Keri Russell. I immediately ripped this page out and saved it.

(image from here and page 123 of In Style)

Sweater: Jcrew - this is similar, but all one color

Shirt: Cacharel - I can't find this

Jeans: Earnest Sewn

Cami: Rebecca Taylor

Shoes: Dolce Vita Nadine oxfords - these are similar and on sale for under $40.00

(here are more ideas)

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Anonymous said...

I totally love the look! Too bad Jcrew doesn't have any more cardi's like the one on the photo, it looks so cute!