Thursday, January 15, 2009

JCrew final sale

I really try not to make resolutions, unless I know I can actually achieve them.
But this year, I will not miss a Jcrew final sale. I missed the final fall sale online and I have been kicking myself over the sweater (pictured below) ever since. (no luck finding it on ebay)
Another resolution:
try and buy less clothing, but better quality
I am going to checkout the store on Michigan Ave because they offer 30% off. (online = 20%) It is a final sale meaning you can't return an item, which makes it hard to order clothing. I would have ordered more (like the stuff above) if I could return it.
Update: Since I started writing this post at 8am, many items have sold out.
Sorry Semi-hipster Homeowner - the bridesmaid purse is gone (the "satin fleur clutch" to be exact)
I do like this belt to accessorize a bridesmaid dress.
(and you can remove them)

Does anyone have this? I need a small or medium.
(cashmere martine cardigan)

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Lola said...

No but i want it too