Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday:

Here is what George has picked out for me to wear to work this week:
(I predicted this vest would be picked first)

George week summary:
It would appear that he has done a good job so far, but that is because I had to give him choices of things for me to wear. I would have to suggest wearing a dress and then he would point to the one he wanted me to wear. He picked out jewelry by saying the occasion in which the item was given. ("wear the necklace I gave you for Christmas") Being the control freak that I am, this process of letting go was hard...and girls have so many more choices of thing to wear. He got overwhelmed and then I would step in by offering a few choices. (He never put together the entire outfit - he would just pick the main garment) I guess maybe I was thinking he would magically pick outfits that flatter me like Clinton on What Not to Wear. Instead, he just reiterated what I already know... that he doesn't love me for what I wear or how I look. And this is evident in the nerdy argyle vest being his favorite piece of clothing.

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