Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thakoon for Target

Here is a secret: the Target on Elston (in Chicago) releases the Go International clothing a few days earlier than online and other stores. I went the day after Christmas (release date 12/28) and found the entire line untouched, with every size available. I discovered this a year ago and now I try to go 2 days before the release date of Go International. (I can't believe I just revealed this now - I swear I was not trying to keep it to myself.) This way I am able to try on anything in whatever size I need and then go home and order it with my AAA discount. (10% off and free shipping) I still want this coat because I have a feeling when I see someone wearing it next year, I will kick myself for not getting it now. Some of the clothing is even sold out already. (Cheryl Shops gives a great review of the Thakoon line) Also, the line of Dean Harris jewelry at Target is on clearance. Out of all the designer lines at Target, I think this is the best ever. I added this to my collection.

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