Monday, January 12, 2009

Valentine's Day

Le Creuset heart shaped casserole filled with this

a heart flask? (this is a little funny, creepy, and weird)

cute things from Target (above and below)

from here

Vintage Valentine cards

and here

Millie the dearheart bunny


Life at the White House said...

Hi there-

If you happen to have any great recipes that can be made with the mixer I’d love to see them! I plan on searching the internet this weekend for some great ones that I can use – now that I have it, all I want to do is use it! If I come across anything great I’ll let you know.

I love that owl “wash mitt”…..I did a whole post on searching for owl Valentine’s goodies at Target! I finally found some, but wasn’t in love w/ much of it.

Shop Girl said...

I posted a recipe for a cheese ball/log that was featured on Oprah's favorite things episode last year. (She picked the kitchen aid mixer as her favorite thing) I also have made tons of cookies and Nie Nie's whole wheat pizza dough. (with the dough hook) I think I gained about 3 pounds the week after I got the mixer because I was baking so much!