Monday, April 27, 2009

Charleston, SC

Finally, I have posted my pics from South Carolina.
Charleston is a beautiful town and full of history.
a model of a submarine (the H. L. Hunley) used in the Civil war
(I never knew they used submarines back then)

Boone Hall Plantation

Avenue of the Oaks

an alligator

"The Notebook" was filmed here

my first time at Five Guys in Mt. Pleasant

Rainbow Row in downtown Charleston

the Four Corners

the entrance to the market

my mom and grandma

Magnolia Plantation

the romantic garden

our hotel served rootbeer floats everyday from 4-5pm


Love, Mom said...

Your mother looks too young to have a daughter your age!

Kim said...

did you buy the same dress from Anthropologie, or wait, did I buy the same one you had.... hmmm.... Either way, it is adorable!!!