Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sara Jane

Since the weather has turned warm, I have been walking Henry down Wells street. (many of the stores are dog friendly) Over the past year, I have seen 6 local stores close on Wells - my favorite shoe store One Yellow Shoe included. I recently went into Sara Jane (I did shop here a few times in the past) because of the large sale sign in the front window. And now I have been back a few more times because of the perfectly edited selection of clothing and accessories. While it is nice to get a good deal at H&M, Jcrew, or Anthropologie, I am going to try and spend my money locally. I almost feel like it is my duty to help support local business owners. Is that weird? And I think it will be fun to find new boutiques with a little help from here.
(Handle with Care will be my next stop)

Here are my favorites at sara jane:


Anonymous said...

you should check out the shops in the west loop too- most are dog friendly and there are some great finds! koros, pivot, bess & loie, tribeca... all have great stuff and are hidden gems.

Shop Girl said...

Thanks for the info! I will check them out too.

Kim said...

I love the second gray top with the frilly center and tighter waist... that could be REALLY flattering. How much is it?