Wednesday, June 3, 2009

local shopping update

On the way up to my sister-in-law's apartment to get my hair cut, I stopped in Handle with Care on Wells Street.
Here is my review:
The store has 2 rooms: 1 that has clothing and accessories under $100.00 and a 2nd room that has designer clothing and jewelry starting at $250.00. Overall, the store has a great selection of summer dresses and tops. (although I didn't buy anything) I was hoping that there would be more sale items. My favorite items were a black tiered tank dress and jewelry by Citrine by the Stones.

Next up:
  • "it's great to be Jake" - Jake just opened a more affordable section of the store with prices ranging from $50.00 - $250.00. I am wondering what you can buy at Jake for $50.00.
  • String a Strand on Wells - You can make your own jewelry and the bead selection is the best I have ever seen. (I only walked in and looked) I am thinking of taking my mom and Grandma here when they come in town for my cousin's bridal shower.

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