Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mixing Paint

My goal this weekend is to finalize our paint colors for the new place.

overall color: white - Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore
(I am going to use the same color in semi-gloss for the trim.)

Master Bedroom: light grey - Behr's Sterling or Classic Grey by BM

Guest bedroom: light blue - (still deciding this color)

Foyer: recessed ceiling will be painted Artic Blue by BM

And I have heard that Home Depot will mix Benjamin Moore paint colors.

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Lisa said...

Yes, it's true that Home Depot will mix Benjamin Moore colors but they do not sell Benjamin Moore paint. You have to go to a Benjamin Moore retailer for that. Here's the link to the store locator. There are lots of stores in Chicago.

(Yes, I work for Benjamin Moore) :)

Good luck with your project. email us if you have questions