Wednesday, May 26, 2010

diaper bags

According to the book Baby Bargains, I should get 2 diaper bags. A smaller one for running quick errands, and a larger one for longer activities.

The Skip Hop Duo would be a perfect size to keep attached to the stroller for short activities around the city. And it is more unisex than other diaper bags.

The L.L.bean boat tote would be good for traveling/toys/beach.

I already have this diaper bag (see my post here) and plan on using it as the main diaper bag.

My sister-in-law has this one by Vera Bradley and it is huge!
I think it would be perfect to pack clothing for a weekend.

I really like the Storksak, but it is expensive and I would rather put the money towards a 529 college plan.

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Melina said...

Have you ever considered a JuJuBe? They have a great selection of diaper bags with accessories and everything is machine washable.