Friday, May 14, 2010

weekend to do list:

  • clean and paint a mirror to hang above the fireplace (I will post pictures this weekend)

  • hang a vintage German Lasalle Street sign (this was the street of our first home/condo)

  • finish installing pulls on kitchen cabinets

  • caulk guest bathroom sink (Pro Caulk makes it very easy)

  • go to the farmer's market at Division and Clark (And FYI, my favorite baker at the market also opened up a bakery in Wicker Park called BAKE, I highly recommend the blueberry muffin and chocolate cream cheese coconut cupcake)

  • put together a photo arrangement in the foyer

  • finish putting away winter shoes/boots and switching to spring/summer shoes

I feel like the process of moving in is never ending... And I want all of the major stuff done before the baby arrives. Well actually, I want it all done a month before the baby is due.


Kim said...

I just love those pulls. I need to find something for our new house, they have nothing now and will probably be drawn back to those!

Anne said...

Sounds like you have quite a list! Doesn't it make you feel good to cross those things off once you're done?

Shop Girl said...

This is all part of my "before the baby is born" list. We are going to start putting together the nursery in a few weeks and I want to be done with the rest of the stuff by then!