Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have been wanting to hang curtains in my bedroom...but I don't know if I will even like them. (I am turning into my mother - because she puts curtains in every room) Here are a couple I like. The color scheme in the bedroom = red walls, white bed, light wood floors and dark wood furniture. I want to have the walls painted to a light blue this summer, but I think these curtains could still work. I will take pictures of the window and post them soon. (It runs from the ceiling to the floor) I will be getting new white blinds soon, so do I even need curtains!?!?! Please help!


Kim said...

I LOVE the ones with the stripes at the top!!!

Anonymous said...

Which mother are you talking about? Your REAL mother only has curtains hanging in 2 out of 12 rooms!

Your Mother