Monday, April 28, 2008

Tag - I have never been so happy to be it

Right before dinner tonight I checked my blog and started screaming.......... I was mentioned on isuwannee's blog! I love her blog and she actually read mine!

A - Attached or single?
attached - married

B- Best friend?
George and Shawna

C - Cake or pie?cake.
chocolate cake

D - Day of choice?
Saturday morning

E - Essential item?

F - Favorite color?

G - Gummy bears or worms?
red and clear gummy bears

H - Hometown?
Muskegon, MI

I - Favorite indulgence?
reading US weekly, cheese, chocolate, potbelly's and oberweis malts

J - January or July?

K - Kids?
in a few years

L - Life isn't complete without?
my husband and dog

M - Marriage date?

N - Number of brothers and sisters?
1 older sister, 1 younger brother

O - Oranges or apples?

P - Phobia and fears?

sharks in Lake Michigan (I know...this doesn't make any sense, but when I jump off my parent's boat into the depths of Lake Michigan all I can see is Jaws coming to eat my feet!)

Q - Quote?
Justin Timberlake "What goes around comes around"

R- Reason to smile?
spending the rest of my life with George and meeting our children

S - Season of choice?
fall - back to school time (I am a teacher)

T - Tag three people:
foxxychica, superfantasticgirl, and atromito

U - Unknown fact about me?
I want to go to law school, but not become a lawyer

V - Vegetable?
green beans, corn on the cob, broccoli

W - Worst habit?
applying lotion to my hands and feet EVERY night! and shopping

X - X-ray or ultrasound?
neither - I did have an X-ray of my sinuses and of my big toe

Y - Your favorite food?
sushi (the Honey Bee at Cafe Sushi), butter nut squash at Luna Caprese, the mac and cheese at Table 52, Jumbo hot dog at Wrigley Field (with ketchup), In and Out burger and fries

Z - Zodiac sign?


JoAnn said...

What does one wear to a bomb threat?

foxxychica said...

What month is the 13th? lol