Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday/Wedding cards

I ordered our Christmas cards on snapfish last night because I wanted to use a picture from our New Year's Eve wedding to celebrate our 1st Christmas together. (and snapfish had a special so the total was $18.00 for 40 4" x 8" cards - I can't resist a good bargain) My husband didn't understand why I wanted to use a wedding picture (he thought we should take a picture with our dog) and I replied, "When else can we use a wedding picture for a Christmas card?" As we are coming up on our 1st anniversary, I am starting to remember wedding planning like it was yesterday. I don't actually miss that part, but I do want to see the people who were at my wedding, the flowers, and cake again. Is it weird to miss your wedding? or to wish you could do the whole thing over again - exactly how it happened?

(a mouse just ran across the floor of my classroom)

Well, that ruin my moment of reflection. Now to my main point:
As I was reading the blog moderneve, I saw this idea for a 1st Christmas together card... so cute and creative. (and I will be posting pics in honor of my 1st wedding anniversary)

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