Sunday, November 9, 2008

Running in the winter

5 days ago I went running in a t-shirt and capri pants... Yesterday, I went running in pants, hat, mittens, 2 shirts, and a jacket. I thought I would share my running wardrobe:

cotton t-shirts (my husband's)
dry-fit shirts (I like target brand- I find cheap shirts are just as good as name brand)

dry-fit turtleneck (mine is from Target)
Running coat (this is where you should invest in a good jacket - make sure to get a breathable jacket - I tried a north face shell and it didn't breath - let's just say it would be dripping with sweat after I took it off)
hat (I use Pearl Izumi that has a pony tail hole)
gloves/mittens (I use the black cheap gloves from target)
(socks, sports bra, and shoes are the same for all seasons)

1 comment:

Kim said...

Yeah, I have a strict cut-off, at 50-55 degrees or less I need somthing covering my ears!