Monday, November 10, 2008

Oprah: Round 2

Today, I received a phone call from a lovely young girl from the Oprah show asking if I would be available to be a part of the audience on Wednesday for a taping of the show. I, of course, said yes, dropped all of my belongings, and quickly listened and scribbled down her instructions.

Oprah Show Taping Rules:
1. wear bright colors (no white or beige)
2. no cameras or filming devices
3. no gifts for Oprah
4. only small purses (she said to downsize - I like that! Dave or Jay would say small/no purse - only a woman would use "downsize")
5. arrive at 7am
6. don't be late (like I would be late for Oprah?!)
7. bring a photo ID

I was so excited throughout the phone call that when it came to time give a guest name I stupidly asked, "Can boys come?" I didn't think my sister would be able to get off of work with only a 2 day notice, so I gave my husband's name. (sorry Kim)

I have been googling topics for upcoming shows (Jennifer Aniston filmed today) and it looks like on that the rest of the shows this week were pre-taped. My husband wants free stuff and I just want to see Oprah. (I told him this was like the Bears going to the Superbowl and winning and he had a free ticket to the game)
After the show, I plan on visiting the Oprah shop and trying on a pair of her shoes.
I will post more after the show.


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Well? What happened? Did you get all kinds of free stuff? Let us know! We are dying here! said...

love Oprah!! I was actually on the show where she gave away the cars, my girlfriend and I both got cars, crazy day!
I have the video on my blog and also was in people magazine, I was standing in the checkout line at Treasure Island and was flipping through people, and saw my pic, yay!!!