Friday, January 9, 2009


Sorry for the delay in posting... My husband was having flu like symptoms all weekend long and it ended up being a kidney infection. He was in the hospital starting Monday night and was released yesterday. On the same day my husband was admitted into the hospital, a close family friend died instantly of a heart attack. (at the age of 59) Although my husband was in serious condition, I was thankful that his doctors were able to quickly figure out what was wrong and give him the correct antibiotics. By keeping the situation in perspective, I was concerned and relieved all at the same time. He was sick, but alive and next to me. I think I kissed him over 100 times. And spent every night and day at the hospital. (one day I walked to Sephora to apply my makeup) I even had my own pull out bed. (thank you, Northwestern) After the 2nd night, I noticed an old lady that was all alone a few rooms down. I almost went into her room just to keep her company (I was scared I would be kicked out of the hospital) It broke my heart to think about being in the hospital all alone. So, I thought about a way that I could get into her room. This is also why I got into trouble when I was younger - the more I was not supposed to go somewhere the more I want to go there. I walked slowly past her door and turned to look inside, but I knew I couldn't just walk into a strangers room. My solution is to join a dog therapy group with Henry. He will love it and so will I.

PS: On our last night, I saw an older man visiting the lonely woman. (I believe it was her son or at least that is my story)

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